Play at Sol Casino with a player’s bonus

If you are interested in being part of a casino that has a lot to offer its players, Sol Casino is the perfect option to do so. Today we will be talking to you about everything it has to offer, as well as a small review of some things that we can’t overlook.

So, if you want to be part of this casino, it is time for you to learn all about what it has to offer to people looking for a place to gamble.

Top 4 New Games

Sol Casino is currently looking for ways to expand as much as possible. We can see this in the titles that they have been adding within the platform, and they have recently added 4 games that have caught the attention of all bettors on the platform.

  • Dice Duel: A classic game where the dice will be all we need to win. Easy to play and famous among gamblers, it is currently among the best options for casino gambling.
  • Zombie Carnival: A slot with a varied theme and hundreds of options to earn money. This is the best description we can give of Zombie Carnival, one of the favorites in this casino.
  • The Great Stick Up: A gangster game in the best classic style of a casino slot. Perfect for those who want to earn money while feeling like a gangster on their PCs or phones.
  • Spirit of Adventure: An adventure slot which brings us a wide variety of unique chips, betting options, and large amounts of money that we can easily win.

Top 20 Games

Let’s find out which are the best Sol Casino games that have earned an important role among the community of gamblers who make life in this community.

  • Dice: A simple and entertaining dice game for all types of audiences.
  • Mega Sic Bo: A classic dice game brought back from the past. The favorite of many punters.
  • Blackjack Lobby: The traditional card game that everyone loves with a few improvements.
  • Baccarat Lobby: Another of the most famous card games in virtual casinos.
  • Roulette Lobby: Try your luck at casino roulette and win fabulous prizes.
  • Poker Lobby: The card game par excellence to bet in a casino.
  • Dice Dual: Roll the dice and play against someone else in a duel where luck will be a key factor.
  • Bonanza Billion: One of the main Sol Casino slots with hundreds of internal bonuses and incredible ways to win money.
  • Plinko XY: A game that has classic touches and takes people back in time but with an amazing new way to earn money.
  • Minesweeper XY: Similar to Plink XY, ​​Minesweeper is a classic now available to casino players.
  • Crash: A galactic slot that has hundreds of opportunities for people to earn extra money quickly.
  • Big Bass Bonanza: A fishing game turned slot, easy to play and perfect for quick cash.
  • North Guardians: Quite a northern slot that has unique tokens available for people to play and win money easily.
  • Goblin Heist Powernudge: Goblins cannot be missing from a casino game, and here we have them available.
  • Gates of Olympus: An overall favorite within casinos, great bonuses and winnings available.
  • Sweet Bonanza: A game similar to Candy Crush, with sweet rewards and awesome bonuses.
  • The Dog House: A slot for pet lovers with all kinds of bonuses and rewards.
  • Squidpot: Brought from the famous Squid Game series to virtual casinos with new and unique rewards.
  • Fortune of Giza: A traditional slot with an Egyptian theme, quite a challenge for new and old players.
  • Aztec Magic: Similar to Fortune of Giza, but now with an Aztec theme with hundreds of bonuses and rewards.

Live Games

One of the main attractions that we could not miss was the live games. At Sol Casino we can find a variety of games of this style, which tend to give great profits and entertain people more in a virtual casino.

Within the list of these games we can find the following available titles:

  • baccarat;
  • Game Shows;
  • Roulettes;
  • Croups;
  • Super Bic Bo;
  • Mega Bic Bo;
  • Texas Hold’em;
  • Megaball.

However, there are many other titles available that people can enjoy within the casino.

About Sol Casino

It is a gambling platform that has decided to use cryptocurrencies as its main currency. In this case, its name gives us a clue, the casino, this term coming from the use of Solana, one of the cryptocurrencies with the greatest future within the digital landscape.

Furthermore, this casino is supported by some features of Web3, mainly wallets, which are used by people to deposit money on the platform.

But that’s not all, on top of all this, Sol Casino allows people to use other tokens within their platform. It is basically a casino with prospecting for the use of cryptocurrencies.

Sol – the Official Site in Peru

As you would expect, the casino has an official site that everyone can easily access from their computer or phone if they wish. This casino has become quite well known for everything it has to offer, especially within the world of cryptocurrencies.

Sol Casino has a fairly well designed page, with endless games available, and also the addition of sports to its betting section. Its official site,, is registered and has all the permissions to operate within the current context of casinos.

On top of that, it is easy to access and offers people an amazing user experience within the platform.

How to start playing?

To start playing at the casino there are several things you need to do. The first one is to create your account within the platform, for which you must be of legal age, mainly.

Generally speaking, the registration process is quite easy and there is not much to worry about when creating an account at this casino. Apart from that, you must confirm all your data and if possible, your identity.

Once you have all this, it is time to deposit money with one of the supported cryptocurrencies within Sol Casino to be able to bet. Remember that the main currency used in this case is Solana, something that we do not usually see in all the casinos in the world.

On the other hand, when you already have the money, it will be time for you to start betting on one of the hundreds of titles available in this incredible casino.

welcome bonus

As we usually see in different casinos, we will also find a welcome bonus within the casino.

This is not a surprise, especially since it is something that has become quite common within the current casino community.

As for the bonus offered within Sol, people can double up to an amount of $2000. This occurs with the first deposit, which doubles the amount deposited in question by 150%, in addition to giving 50 free spins initially.


Let’s talk a little about the casino applications that we can currently get on different devices.


Although Sol doesn’t have an app itself in the Play Store, people can easily get an APK on the internet.

This allows people to play in a much simpler way, being more effective thus betting wherever they want and wherever they are without many complications.


In the case of iOS, since there is no official casino application, we will not be able to download it in APK format.

However, being easy to use via their website, this is a plugin for people who want to play on their phones and have an iOS device, so there’s not much to worry about.

Types of Games in Sol

Let’s talk a little about the games that we can get inside Sol Casino today.

Slot machine

Slot machines, also known as Slots, are the main games that we can get in this casino. There are a wide variety of options for people to bet without much worry, making things easy to bet and get bonuses with ease.

Table games

Another of the favorites of people in terms of casinos are the table games. Cards, dice, bingo, among other options are available in the huge catalog of casino games available at Sol.

Live Dealer Games

In this case we usually see games for those who like to have a live adventure in a virtual casino. They are quite good at betting and winning money in large amounts, and this is something that Sol Casino could not miss without a doubt.


In this case, we can say a lot about the casino. At the moment, we can say that it is a fairly good platform, stable, and with a view to improving in the near future.

It is a cryptocurrency-oriented casino with a large catalog for games, with different payment and withdrawal methods, with up to 8 different tokens available within its platform, and incredible accessibility through phones.

On the other hand, we have that the design is quite good and nice, thus giving people a good experience even in terms of design.

In the coming years we will possibly see it gain more strength due to everything it has to offer up front.

Advantages of Sol Casino Peru

Game Selection

Something that we have already mentioned, and what we will continue to emphasize, is the number of games available within the casino, which draws a lot of attention for people.

From live games to traditional slots and even sports betting, this is all something to consider in a casino.

Generous Bonuses

As far as bonuses are concerned, we cannot deny the fact that Sol Casino has a wide variety of opportunities to offer people. We mainly talk about their welcome bonus and the additional promotions that they usually give people from time to time in the casino.

Reliable Software

Casino games come from trusted creators. Each of these games was custom designed to give the best possible experience to its players, but in addition to that we can mention that the different software used here can also be found in other casinos, giving us to understand the quality that we have in front of us. .

24 hour support

A casino with 24-hour support is undoubtedly something that cannot be missing, and this is something that we can find within the casino. With its different means of providing support to customers, it is a very useful platform when it comes to customer support.

Instructions for Registering in Sol

  1. Click on the “Connect” button located in the upper right corner of the page.
  2. Choose one of the Wallet options with which you can register within Sol Casino.
  3. Finish the registration process using your preferred Wallet, and there are many options to choose from.
  4. Proceed to verify your account and make a deposit to start playing at the casino.


As for support, we can speak quite well of the platform. First, as we already mentioned, it has 24/7 support, which is pretty good overall.

In addition to that, they have a page where people can find more support in case they have a simple question that can be answered with an FAQ. It is something quite interesting and good to know.


Is there no deposit required to enter Sol Casino?

Not really. People can deposit once they go to choose a game to bet on.

Advantages of playing Free Slots on our site

  • Various payment methods.
  • Fun and easy to play.
  • Unique and interesting bonuses.

What is the instant play option?

The instant play option allows people to deposit a certain amount of money into a slot and let it play by itself. You don’t have to press the throw button or anything, it’s all automatic.

How can I get bonus rounds?

To get rondo bonuses it is necessary to make certain combinations with which people can play without using real money.

If I want to play for real money, what should I do?

The first thing will be to deposit the amount of money you want to bet and when choosing a game, use the real balance instead of using the free spins or something similar.

Are there free slot games no download?

Yes. Several of them are located inside the casinos, which makes them very easy to use.

What is the best free slot?

This is a difficult question to answer, but we can mention games like Gates of Olympus, Book of Dead, and the like.

Where can I play free slots without downloading?

In several casinos you can play for free without downloading a game to your phone or computer.

Free slots for Android

Since several of these games can be downloaded by APK, we can say that there is a large catalog available for Android users, which encourages people to play the game. In this case you can find famous slots and some not so well known.

Free Slots for iOS

In the case of iOS, things are a bit more complicated due to its difficulty in obtaining downloads other than from its App Store, so the games are a bit more limited in this case.

Is it easy to get real money with Slots?

Yes, but it’s all mostly a matter of luck because it’s mostly gambling.

Can I get bonuses playing free slots?

No. Sol Casino bonuses are earned on paid slots only.